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Water and Dispensing

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The Secret Life of Water The Secret Life of Water


ISBN: 1416522182
Masaru Emoto
Pocket Books
196 pages (January 3, 2006)

Price: £6.99
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In his third book, "New York Times" best-selling author Masaru Emoto reveals water's secret life to us. From the moment it arrived on our planet in the form of ice from outer space, water has been journeying throughout the earth, acquiring knowledge, wisdom and experience as it flows. Through captivating photographs and words, Emoto takes us on this cycle of water so we, too, can experience water's secret life and learn what is has to teach us. By reconnecting to this sacred flow, we return to our source and remember the important truths that we have somehow forgotten. The problems that face us - war, environmental destruction, dependence on oil, increasing materialism - can be alleviated by a collective consciousness that joins together with a common goal of peace. Emoto believes this is possible because the water crystals show us so. When people join together near water to pray for peace, beautiful crystals form from water that once yielded only deformed crystals. Water crystals show us the very real way in which prayer can change the world. In "The Secret Life of Water", Emoto elaborates on the art of photographing and analyzing water crystals. He also continues his discussion of hado: how we can align ourselves with the hado of happiness, the science behind hado, and how the healing effects of hado can be found in numerous sources, such as music, flower essences, and homeopathy. Also included are Emoto's latest water crystal photographs, comparing various common phrases, music, religions and water from around the world. Humankind needs to start listening to the voice of water. Its secret life will help you return to the natural flow of nature. There is no need to resist the flow - just move ahead knowing that you are water.